Boost Your Performance on the Shooting Range by Using recoil reducers

Saturday afternoon arrived, and it’s time to test your new .308 rifle over at the JCSA Gun Range. You’ve heard that the shooting range market is said to grow at a massive 8.35 percent right up to the year 2020.

Well, kind sir that sure is great news for all wannabe and experienced shooter alike who keenly consume every bit of news they can lay their hands on to do with rifles, calibers, 223 muzzle brakes from, compensators, and more.

What Makes the Shooting Ranges So Popular?

For one, a shooting range offers indoor and outdoor targets for all kinds of firing weapons, from handguns to midsize rifle to shotguns. Pistols have their very own indoor stations, while guns can be shot at a variety of targets, including disks.

In fact, shooting ranges have become so popular that three new ranges have seen the light of day. A lot has been said about this during the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas during January 17 to 20th, 2017. Meggitt Training Systems were running their shooting stall that was equipped with state of the art audio and visual communication systems, including wireless range control products and most likely a modern 308 muzzle brake or two. They happen to be an industry leader in turnkey shooting range design and all sorts of equipment as well as the installation of law enforcement and other commercial ranges.

With regards to shooting in itself, do you think the new Trump administration would have had an influence on the acquisition of arms and accessories?

Couple that with another uncertainty concerning the financial negatives such as the E.U and Greek financial squabbles as well as the downturn in China’s economy and conflicts in the Middle East that reverberates through the U.S. economy, which all have an effect on job creation and income, then you may understand why a reduction in demand for firearms, accessories, and ammunition came to be.

Why a New Customer Base is Key to an Increase in Firearm and Accessory Sales That Include Flash Hiders

Despite the so-called downturn in the sales of arms, ammunition, and accessories, the shooting crowd industry has taken note of the increased diversity surrounding shooting sports. This is excellent news for gun manufacturers of which Southwick Associates has been helping the NSSF identify various opportunities to engage with new customers. Currently, there is an enormous untapped demand within a range of multi-cultural markets.

On further investigation and extensive surveys, it was discovered that:

  • Virtually a 100 percent of Asian American, Hispanic and African-American audiences indicated some level of interest in trying their hand at target shooting.
  • The majority of the participants falling within a specific demographic group had no clue where to go to shoot. In some instances, indoor ranges where nearby.
  • Many prospective shooters within the Asian American, Hispanic, and African-American communities had no clear notion of what shooting range may be, and this prevented them from visiting a shooting range.
  • Communicating with audiences like the ones mentioned over here is relatively easy. However, it will require the use of various advertising outlets and media who do not commonly get involved in the traditional shooting sports industry.
  • It is vital for this industry to adapt to multicultural preferences and all sorts of expectations around it, which will help welcome this new crowd as active customers.

Additional Trends for 2017

There are a couple of new trends of note and factors one need to consider for 2017. Growth prospects may continue to be somehow limited in certain areas, such as the sales of firearms. However, accessory sales, including the use of compensators, will continue to do well. Especially when new firearm users start to learn more about their own personal preferences and to customize their rifles or handguns. Hunting would remain steady as younger hunters emerge and show a keen interest in the local food movement, which might help offset the long-term loss of participation among our Baby Boomers.

Specialties any newcomer is likely to take note of would include the modern take Madhouse Design had taken when they introduced their famous Triple-Port Muzzle Brake range to the benefit of both their existing customers and new prospects.