Thursday, April 17, 2014

Check on Checks

 photo anniepopstfrockcheckeredcapeandyvessaintlaurenttasselbag_zps1e22fda0.jpg  photo anniepopyvessaintlaurenttassel_zpsa706d82f.jpg  photo anniepopstfrocktasselbag_zps36822229.jpg  photo anniepopstfrock_zpsbb41a4fd.jpg

Capes are definitely up there in my list of favourite items of clothing! But they're often hard to keep on, especially if you're a hyper-energetic little asian girl that likes to run around in the rain like I did during this photoset last week. This is why the Insider Cape Vest is my go-to cape this month, it comes attached with a black vest to help keep everything in its place.

Among other favourite things is the YSL Cassandre bag. I originally bought this YSL Cassandre in red from and unfortunately for me, without reading customer reviews before purchasing - I ended up going through a long and horrible shopping experience. Not only did it take me a month to get my order, when I received the item there were scratches all over the gold hardware and black stains on the tassel.

After calling Bluefly's customer service they told me the returns department would get in contact with me which didn't happen, I lodged many customer enquiries via email with no response, I even took it up to social media where I did get a response from Bluefly to let me know that the returns department will take care of it for me but still nothing happened. I finally sent the bag back without the packing slips they were supposed to provide me for returns and only received a partial refund.....

Lesson of the day: If you're looking for a designer bag with better price tags, my recommendation is to go to Reebonz. If you want to see any Saint Laurent bags or designer bags in person, feel free to also pop by Reebonz's physical store located on George St in Sydney CBD. Nothing beats getting to try on the bag in person!

Click here and sign up to get $38 store credit to spend on any item at Reebonz!
 photo yvessaintlaurentcrossbodytasselbag_zpsdc0fe4a9.jpg  photo yvessaintlaurenttasselbag_zps776d779f.jpg

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

St Frock Meets Saint Laurent

 photo anniepop-stfrock-leopard-split-skirt-ysl-bag_zps6f31f332.jpg  photo anniepop-saint-laurent-classic-monogram-saint-laurent_zpsa7673978.jpg  photo anniepop-st-laurent-bag_zpsdec721c4.jpg  photo anniepop-ysl-classic-satchel-bag-st-frock-skirt_zps555a13ff.jpg  photo WANTTHISBAG-REEBONZ_zpsf6ec5e49.jpg

The Outfit
I've always been a fan of mixing prints, getting the combination right can take time but once you get it, it doesn't take much to make it stand out in front of the camera! This week's outfit features leopard print mixes by St Frock with the neutral elegant touch from Saint Laurent.

The Skirt 
I've always been quite weary about high waisted stretchy skirts because of the way it clings around the tummy area but the Wild One skirt featured in this post has a great print and twists around the waist to mask any of your problem areas and the split also takes the attention away from your mid-section and straight to your legs ;)

The Bag
The YSL (Saint Laurent) Classic Monongram Large Satchel has a timeless look and the gold hardware is just the cherry on top! This bag is currently available at the Reebonz store in Sydney on George St, or you can click here to sign up and browse online as well as receive $38 store credit to spend on designer bags, wallets, watches, accessories or shoes.

If you haven't heard of Reebonz before, they stock authentic designer goods ranging from brands such as Michael Kors all the way to Hermes. Their brand new items are sold in sales events on the website which generally last for 2 - 3 days and you must be a member in order to access and purchase from these sales events (memberships are completely free!) and there is also a vintage section on the website to allow buyers to browse through vintage and exclusive collection items as well as allow sellers to sell their vintage designer bags.

 photo THISBLOGPOSTWASBROUGHTTOYOUBYSTFROC_zps946db726.jpg  photo reebonzlogo_zps83984425.jpg

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Choies Red Mesh Dress

Cut out mesh dresses are usually reserved for a night of painting the town red but that doesn't always need to be the case! Today's outfit showcases a casual spin on Choies' A-line Red Mesh Dress to prove that you can turn an outfit from night to day with a little help from tartan prints and knitted headwear.  
 photo choies-clothing-logo_zps8790475b.jpg

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bella Cosa Collection - Three of Something

 photo anniepop-three-of-something-bella-cosa-collection_zps05af18c3.jpg photo anniepop-three-of-something-bella-cosa_zpsd2870056.jpg photo anniepop-three-of-something-bella_zps9f028d0d.jpg

Bella Cosa in Italian means "beautiful thing" which is the simplest way to describe Three of Something's latest collection. Those that know me, know that its a rare sighting to see me in pants. I'm often conscious about being bottom heavy and avoid them like the plague so I stick to dresses and skirts but Three of Something brought out a different side to me this week, I loved the folds around the waist and the comfortable fit down to the ankles... I think I may be a bit more adventurous this Autumn/Winter ;)

As for the Leo Top, this lightweight and not easy to crease which is perfect for me. It features a buttoned keyhole and a high-low hem and also comes in Winter White - you guessed it - perfect for winter. With the colder season coming up it means that a lot of layering is bound to happen and its hard to dress up your cardis, drapes and scarves with a top that doesn't look to over the top. This is why I look for delicate details like keyholes and peekaboo mesh to keep that feminine touch!

 photo threeofsomething_zps101efc0b.jpg

Friday, March 21, 2014

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

 photo great_lengths_hair_extensions_anniepop_zpsadf5e06c.jpg
Dress by Tobi // Photos by Tito-licious

Not sure if you could tell by the photos but today's topic of choice is - hair! Unfortunately for me I've recently been having more bad hair days than good. Split ends have started popping up everywhere and I guess thats the cost of dying over my natural hair colour, so what did I have to do to fix it? Yup, go for the chop!

When it comes to hair length I've always stayed on the safe side and never strayed higher than the shoulders, I would love to be the type of girl that could pull off a bob but sadly I'm not :( so while my hair is at an awkward length I've been looking at different hair extension options and on the hunt for 100% human hair extensions that aren't treated with chemicals that look like the real deal.

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to Great Lengths human hair extensions. Check out my favourite before and after shots from Great Lengths below:

 photo greatlengthshumanhairextensions_zpsa063434c.jpg

Great lengths supplies 100% human hair extensions using "remi hair" which is 100% virgin and not treated with chemicals to give you the au naturale look. Non-remi hair extensions are usually treated with chemicals that strip the strands which have to be covered with a layer of silicon to give it body and shine. However, this silicon protection isn't long lasting and can leave the hair dull and brittle again after a few washes which is why Great Lengths is much longer lasting, easy to brush, doesn't tangle easily and easy to pull off!

Another great thing about these extensions is that they're double-drawn. Double-drawn extensions have all the small unwanted short hair manually and tediously removed to reduce the amount of fly aways for better length and volume. The preferred bond method of these extensions is a mess-free and damage-free "keratin bond" which makes it a lot more longer lasting than normal extensions.

Not only has every strand of hair used in Great Lengths extensions been donated willingly, but every Great Lengths hair extensions that you buy will play a part in building a slum school in India as part of Great Lengths' participation in the Anganwadi Project. Which means you'll have good hair while doing a good deed :)

If you would like some Great Lengths human hair extensions, click here to find out your nearest salon!

  photo great-lengths-logo-2010_zps14b4fd92.jpg

Friday, March 14, 2014

Shilla - Evolution Monochrome

 Today's outfit features a hint of tailored aesthetics with two of my favourites from the Shilla Evolution Monochrome collection click here to view the full range. I'm really embracing the short suit trend for the upcoming season, they're perfect for the weather and extending your leg length and the un-creasing nature of this polyester suit is just the perfect cherry on top!

I wore this short suit as a casual weekend outfit with a DIY wrap top but if you're after a more polished look then all you need to do is slick back your hair, add some lippy, belt the shorts and wear some heels ;)
 photo shilla-logo_zpsd5798eb1.jpg

Sunday, March 9, 2014

St Frock - Field Days Playsuit

 photo stfrockplaysuitanniepop_zpsc4285e65.jpg photo anniepopfielddaysplaysuit_zpsf3b76432.jpg photo anniepopstfrockfielddayplaysuit_zps97f7908c.jpg
Field Days Playsuit by St Frock  // Photos by: Tito-licious

Autumn is the perfect excuse for chiffon playsuits and auburn hair (to match the fallen leaves!). Those that know me well should also know about my obsession with effortlessly-easy-to-wear-chiffon so the Field Days Playsuit couldn't have arrived in St Frock's "What's New" section at a better time.

When it comes to choosing a playsuit there are a few things I like to keep in mind:

  1. What is the playsuit made of? Opt for something that is mostly made of a lightweight, loose and drapey fabric. The top half of the playsuit can definitely be fitted and tight but to balance out the top, the bottom of your playsuit should be fluid to help elongate your legs.
  2. What size is the playsuit? I'm usually in between sizes so this is a question I always have to ask myself when deciding on one size but when it comes to playsuits the general rule would be to choose the bigger size because a looser playsuit is much more flattering than one that is too tight.
  3. Can it be belted? I love buying things that I can wear to any occasion. If the playsuit looks good with a belt then you can easily take it from day to night with a good pair of heels! 
The only thing that I would change about the Field Days Playsuit is my lack of floppy hat, I forgot to bring one on the day of the shoot but besides that it was a pleasure to dance around in, guess you could say I had a field day in it ;) haha

If you love the Field Days style, it also comes in a cape version which you can view by clicking here

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Australian ugg boots - Tall Biker Boots

 photo anniepopuggaustraliabikertallboots_zps1455e100.jpg  photo anniepopuggchicnovabag_zps6d62df0a.jpg  photo chicnovabag_zpsd3db73c0.jpg

Nothing better on a cloudy day than lounging around the house in a comfy pair of uggs and now with these water resistant biker boots I can also dance around in the rain! Australian ugg boots are commonly known for their luxurious soft interior but casual exterior boots which is why I've always debated about taking them you can imagine my surprise when I laid my eyes on this leather pair :)

   photo uggaustraliabikertallboots_zpscdeb3959.jpg

These Tall Biker Boots are part of the tall sheath collection, made from leather and laced with 100% Australian double faced sheepskin on the inside which means no socks needed ;) They're extremely lightweight, completely water resistant, come with an easy zip and ridged soles so you don't slip and slide when you're outdoors. If black isn't your thing then they come in 11 other colours (including chocolate, grey and navy blue) and if you're like me and you're in between sizes, I would go with the bigger size because they come with buckles which you can use to secure them as tight as you please.

There are over 30 styles to choose from from the Australian ugg boots website but the leather and the Swarovski encrusted ranges were definitely my top two picks. With the recent visits from torrential rain they definitely came right on time, I'm a happy camper when my toes are toasty and having beautiful boots are just the icing on top :)

If you're interested in these boots they are now on sale, click here to view all the colours and available sizes. photo UggAustralia_zps7c690ab1.jpg

Friday, February 21, 2014

Babe Scrub & Her Fitness Box

 photo anniepopbabescrub_zps4d5510ed.jpg  photo anniepopbabescrubgreentea_zps3af2210e.jpg  photo anniepopdetoxbabescrub_zps0c1b4826.jpg

A big congratulations to the Her Fashion Box team for the launch of Her Fitness Box! I'm very excited to share the Her Fitness Box news with you as well as a review of my favourite product from the launch goodies - the Babe Scrub body scrubs ;)

I think everybody knows what I mean when I say that being healthy can be expensive! Buying organic products and vital smoothie ingredients can cost you an arm and a leg but it really shouldn't! Which is why I love the idea of Her Fitness Box.

Her Fitness Box is Australia's first fitness subscription box to help women trial all the latest health products to look and feel great every month. For $39.95/month, sign up to Her Fitness Box today and you will receive a collectible tote bag, 4 x health and lifestyle deluxe samples and 2 x fitness accessories.

 photo herfitnessbox_zps8ec495d9.jpg
Pictured above: Her Fitness Box tote bag, Rituelle hand cream, Norbu natural sweetener, Shop Magazine, 2 x Babe Scrub body scrubs, Green Smoothie Co. powder, Muesliforme Muesli, White Glo toothpaste, Cantiki Swimwear notebook, Bondi Sands self tanning foam and skipping rope. 

Lets get scrubbing shall we!
 photo babescrubnumber3and1_zpsada2ed1b.jpg
 photo babescrubhimalayansaltandgreentea_zps18b09b68.jpg

The Green Tea Babe Scrub is meant to give you toned, smooth and tight skin. The healing scrub includes ingredients to fight and reduce wrinkles, acne, scars and redness for a more even skin tone and green tea has also been found to reduce the symptoms of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczma which, as a victim to psoriasis myself, I was so excited to hear! I'm ready to get rid of my uneven skin tone from my horrible psoriasis!

As soon as I opened the Babe Scrub bag, the beautiful sugary green tea aroma made my mouth waterrrrr. Pure deliciousness. Before trying the scrub, I first had to test it on a small patch of my skin - my skin is extremely sensitive and I've had bad reactions to different scrubs in the past but luckily this one seemed to past the test.

The scrub is exfoliating from the sugars which help unblock and clear out the dirt in pores but it definitely doesn't feel too harsh on the skin. The best part about using the scrub is that your skin feels silky soft afterwards and the wonderful smell lingers on your skin. I give the Green Tea Babe Scrub a solid 9/10 - my only critique would be the packaging which gets a bit messy when you're trying to handle it in the bathroom.

The Himalayan Salt Babe Scrub was my second favourite item of the bunch. This is one for the girls that need to relax their muscles, stimulate blood circulation, lower blood pressure and sooth sore muscles. The first thing I noticed about the scrub is that it was much more exfoliating and removed traces of my dry skin immediately. Afterwards I felt completely clean but my skin was still nourished which is a great plus!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Opals by the sea

 photo AnniepopTobiTwistWrapSkirt_zps014e70c0.jpg  photo AnniepopTwistWrapSkirt_zps4055572d.jpg  photo TwistSkirtTobi_zps0822c6c5.jpg
Grecian Top by ASOS, Skirt by Tobi // Photos by Tito-licious

I remember as a little girl, one of my favourite things to do was to go through my mum's jade and precious stones collection. I swore by my $3 mood ring that one day I would have a collection just as grand!

My most favourite stone back then was definitely the Australian Opal, there was just something about all the little spectrum of colours in one stone that made me feel like I had a tiny galaxy in the palm of my hands..but as I grew up and started mixing and matching accessories to outfits, it became more and more difficult to find opal pieces that were modern and keeping up with the trend so I slowly lost interest.

And then suddenly... I found these gorgeous pieces from Opals Australia! During my photo set featured in this weeks post, we were greeted by a pink sunset and it instantly reminded me of these gorgeous Opals Australia stud earrings, if only I was wearing them on my ears at the time!
   photo OAENC3186-OpalsAUstraliaEarrings_zpsa524e607.jpg photo OAE1417X-OpalsAustraliaEarrings_zps9695581f.jpg photo OAAE15-OpalsAustraliaEarrings_zpsa3c73be2.jpg  photo OABL1540-OpalsAustralia_zpsce9d5746.jpg photo OALP007-OpalsAustralianecklace_zpsdb8f4183.jpg photo OAHMP409-OpalsAUstraliapendant_zps65565091.jpg

What I find most intriguing about Opals is its unequalled beauty. Red and black Opal stones are the most rare but the most common type of Opal is naturally white in colour and when viewed from different angles their iridescence can appear rainbow-esque. This means that your Opal can look like a completely different stone in different photos.

An added plus for Opal wearers born in October is that the Opal will bring you many positive vibes since it is your true birth stone. I may be a March baby, but the Opal will still be my stone of choice!

If you missed out on getting one of these opal beauties on Valentines Day, make sure you add them to your birthday wishlist! These stones will last you forever and are great heirloom pieces.

And seeing as its my birthday in just a few short months, which one should I treat myself to?