Runaway Wildcard

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Runaway Wild Card Twin Set from St Frock // Photos by Tito-licious

December has been a whirlwind, my brain is numb and sometimes I just want my outfit to do all the thinking for me - twin sets are perfect for that. I can let the present me relax in a matching top and skit and future adventurous me can mix and match a little later when I've got time on my side.

Halter necks and midi skirts have also been my most worn styles this season so I've found plenty of uses for my Runaway Wild Card Twin Set. What has been your most worn items this December?

P.S Stay tuned for a 2014 wrap up blog post, coming soon!


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Basic Instinct

Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Basic Instinct Tee by Lioness, Double Take Skirt by Whitney Port for Cooper St, Shoes by Missguided, Jewellery by Love Juliet, Bag by Michael Kors, Fedora Hat and Sunglasses by Cotton On // Photos by Tito-licious

So this weekend I strategically spent an afternoon brunching away in this boxy Basic Instinct Tee to accommodate some extra room for my first ever cronut....first and definitely not last. I can't believe I've been missing out on those amazing thin layers of pastry for so long! HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!

Anyway, I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. Christmas decorations are lining up the streets, everybody is in a Secret Santa frenzy and I'm spending majority of my weekend leisure time looking at gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest.

And with the year coming towards a wrap, its always been an Anniepop tradition to do a "Year in Review" post to highlight achievements, memories and aspirations for the year to come. However, I've got one more milestone I'm trying to tick off my list by next week so until then, we'll meet again with my 2014 in a nutshell - what a riiiiide it has been!

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So good, they're gone!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Lioness Fashion outfit by Her Fashion Box  // Photos by Tito-licious 

The moment has finally arrived! My favourite Australian based beauty and fashion subscription boxes has released their fashion collection online - CLICK HERE TO SHOP

Since Her Fashion Box released their E-Commerce concept, there's been a fashion frenzy and outfits are flying out the door. I was lucky enough to grab one of my favourite sets before they were gone so if you're contemplating on whether or not you should be sheltering yourself from the Sydney weather to indulge in some "me time" I would recommend you use that time wisely by exploring the now available Her Fashion Box range ;)

Until next time!

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Check yourself, don't wreck yourself ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

// Photos by Tito-licious

Today was a SCORCHER in Sydney, it was definitely too hot for pants and tight clothes so thank goodness for my SS14 love for culottes and oversized tops. As culottes become more of a hot commodity this season, I've been finding it hard to find an affordable new line (and even vintage) pair. If you're someone that's after affordable fashion like me, I think you'd be pleased to know that these Isabel Monochroms Grid Check Tailored Culottes are only $20.00 from Boohoo Official. They've got an amazing range of super affordable tops, bottoms and dresses which I would definitely recommend to the frugal fashionista!

I'd also like to give a big thanks to the awesome Tito-licious for buying copious amounts of coconut water and iced tea to help us power through about 5 outfit shoots this weekend. You are my blog motovator!

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P.S Just incased you missed this week's newsletter from click the image below to see my Guest Edit for Missguided


Animal Instincts

Saturday, November 15, 2014

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This is probably the third leopard outfit in the last couple of weeks but I just can't get enough! Leopard has been the perfect transeasonal print for me which works well with everything from boots, heels to sandals.

Something that I love about this lightweight leopard cropped top and shorts set by Black by Geng is that I can mix and match pieces to make it workwear suitable:

  • To pull off a cropped leopard top at work: Wear this with a black or beige midi high-waisted skirt, layer it with a buttoned up or unbuttoned chiffon cardigan and drape a black blazer over the shoulders 
  • To pull off leopard shorts at work: Wear a thin black and gold belt, collared white cotton buttoned up top and a blazer
Then for the weekend, just wear the top and shorts together and voila... three outfits in one! 

Hope everyone is having a gorgeous weekend! X 

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

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My new Ray-bans from Vision Direct have been saving me from the case of the red-eyed monster from my sporadic hayfever. It's also the perfect accessory for the newly found sun in Sydney this month! If you're after sunglasses or reading glasses from designer brands ranging from Michael Kors to Celine then definitely head to Vision Direct to snatch one up for a great price! All sunglasses come with their original case and cleaning products to help you keep your new specs in brand new condition.
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Pina Colada Jumpsuit and Taylor Headphones by Frends

Saturday, October 25, 2014

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 photo ScreenShot2014-07-30at122758PM_zps260a649c.png 
It's a stinking hot weekend in Sydney! Which unfortunately means my normal black-on-black won't do me any favours in the heat. So from one extreme to the other, it was time to bring out the white-on-white, as much as I love the look of white on white, its definitely something hard for me to pull off which means I've got to be extremely selective about the length, cut and drape on any white on white outfit.

Since I'm currently obsessed with culottes and crossover backs, the Pina Colada Jumpsuit by Dead Ivy ticked all the boxes! With a waistband to slim the hips and halter to complement my Cosmo Blazer, I slipped on my headphones and was ready for the day ;) 


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Chance Twist Front Skirt

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Chance Twist Front Skirt by St Frock // Photos by Titolicious 
 photo ScreenShot2014-07-30at122758PM_zps260a649c.png
Here's a weird fact about me: I'm obsessed with real life murder mysteries (especially the unsolved kind!), my favourite TV series is Hannibal and I could spend an entire day watching back-to-back crime documentaries and feel content with my day. Now, as much as I enjoy these activities, it has also lead me to believe that empty car parks are a hot spot for kidnapping and late night crimes... sooooo I may have not been that excited about the late afternoon shoot in an empty carpark, but I promise I'm excited about the clothes I'm in!

I did a bit of St Frock mix and match this week with the Falling Crop in White and the Chance Twist Front Skirt (also comes in other colours!)

   photo ScreenShot2014-07-17at70617PM_zpsbd864b91.png


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 photo 000Missguided-day2-1_zpsd1b81a1b.jpg  photo 000Missguided-day3-2_zpsddd4fd3a.jpg  photo 000Missguided-day3-1_zpsa63aeb30.jpg
Nicole X Cut Out Top and Midi Skirt in White by Missguided // Photos by Tito Burrito

And last but not least, Day 3 has arrived! Saving the best till last, this set in white is my top pick from the Nicole X Missguided Collection. Featuring cut outs to accentuate curves and a high neck to lengthen the body, the Cut Out Top and Midi Skirt in White is the perfect day to night piece. What I also love about this set is that the top and skirt can be purchased on their own so that you can mix and match according to season and occasion.

What I will say though, was that it was a bit hard to keep my eyes open for this shoot being in the blinding light wearing all white (so excuse the half closed eye pictures) so thank goodness for the Kezie Circle Sunglasses and Sebrina Floppy Hat for making this shoot a fail safe ;)

So there it is, my 3 Days of Missguided - which look was your favourite?

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Day 2 - Nicole X Missguided

Monday, October 13, 2014

 photo 00-missguided-nicole-anniepop_zpsab1da9fb.jpg  photo Missguided-Anniepop-Nicole-Day2_zps8f87f4b9.jpg  photo Missguided-Anniepop-day2-nicole_zps2bc9e378.jpg
Nicole X Cut Out Long Sleeve Dress in Black by Missguided // Photos by Tito Burrito

Say hello to the ultimate hourglass illusion cut out dress. The Nicole X Cut Out Long Sleeve Dress may seem like a figure-hugging number made only for the womanly Scherzinger frame but its stretch fabric and strategic placement of cut-outs can mould to fit any shape. If you're someone that is a bit more pear shaped and on the shorter end of the scale like myself, here's an example of what the Nicole X Cut Out Long Sleeve Dress looks like on a frame similar to you. If you're more of an hourglass shape like Nicole Scherzinger, click here to check out her strikingly sexy figure in this dress.

Stay tuned on the blog and follow me on Instagram (@annnieo) for tomorrow's reveal of my Nicole x Missguided pick!

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